Uptrust Company

Our Story

The story so far

We founded UpTrust Company from a desire to offer a broad spectrum of IT services to small and medium companies in Romania, where the company is based. Soon after, we expanded to accomodate the international market, as well. Our team is formed of professionals who combine their technical expertise with the respect for our clients’ core values and principles. We wish for our collaborations to have great results for your business and a real impact on your employees’ life.

Our Vision

We believe in developing high quality IT products that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We rely on a set of intelligent solutions which we designed to be as simple, efficient and user-friendly as possible. Innovation, creativity and adaptation to market conditions are the key features of our vision.

In order to deliver high quality services, we believe that iti is essential to provide free advice right from the beginning of any project. Through deep analysis, our team will become aware of your needs, understand your expectations and will be able to continually asses the direction in which the project should be conducted.

Our Mission

We all know how important our image is in the online environment. For this reason, we at UpTrust promote high quality IT services, adaptable to the personality of our customers, that stand out through authenticity and professionalism.

Our goal is to be act efficiently in order to eliminate and/or reduce your business problems and to find solutions for any difficulty, in order for your company to rise to the standards that you desire.

Our Values

In the interaction with our customers, we strive to build relationships based on transparency and honesty. We believe that an open-minded approach helps to resolve any impediments that may arise during the collaboration or after the project ends.

Another fundamental aspect of our development, inside and outside of the company, is respect, which we manifest both through our work and the communication with our clients. We want this attitude to be reciprocal.

At UpTrust we appreciate creative ideas. We seek to add authenticity to all of the products that we deliver, so that both we and our customers are satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration. We explore and support creativity because of its potential to bring new light and new perspectives. This is why our experise is based on the promotion of innovative solutions and why we are always open to developing and using new technologies.