Vulnerability Assessment

Are you unsure about the security of your network?

Find out the vulnerable areas of your systems and what could leave your activity unprotected. This is the first step in securing your infrastructure and networks against intruders that exploit the weak areas. A vulnerability assessment will identify and close the security flaws in your computers, networks or communication infrastructures, thus securing your system and protecting your data.

You’re not convinced you need a vulnerability assessment? Consider that most data breach cases occur because of a delay in updating the software, hardware or security systems. This causes the vulnerabilities to be exploited leading to millions of dollars worth of financial loss, on top of losing the trust of the audience.

Even if your business affords to cover such an attack, the question is: will it survive?

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The best way to protect your business is to find and secure the vulnerabilities before being exploited.

The best way to protect your business is to find and secure the vulnerabilities before being exploited. A vulnerability assessment consists of several actions:

– Categorizing the assets used by the system;
– Identifying the damaging vulnerabilities for your system, including critical flaws and configurations;
– Documenting the vulnerabilities so that the team can identify and research solutions;
– Working with the team to eliminate the vulnerabilities ensuring a safe environment;
– Performing pen tests in order to check the security against attackers.

Technology is constantly developing, and its progress might open the door to new vulnerabilities.

As such, it is essential to keep up with the new developments, constantly evaluating the security of your system. This will ensure the safety of your company data. Uptrust can demonstrate the importance of periodical vulnerability assessments as part of the standard business best practices.

Be a step ahead, prepare for problems before they appear and secure your business today. Contact us for more details.


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