Nowadays, technology is an integral part of any field of activity, whether we are talking about business, culture or social services. As a result, a secure, efficient and scalable IT infrastructure is an indispensable element for any company.

We are aware that the implementation and maintenance of such infrastructure require both significant material resources and staff dedicated exclusively to these operations. For small and medium businesses, setting up a proprietary IT department is a poor choice, mainly because of the high costs.

That's why the only viable solution to this problem is to outsource the IT services to a specialized company that has all the necessary resources and extensive experience in the field.


Outsourcing the IT services is a common practice for most companies around the world. Compared to setting up a proprietary IT department, outsourcing has a major advantage: substantial cost savings. Companies pay only for the services they receive without having to contribute to the taxes and costs of the specialized personnel.

In addition, companies that offer this type of service have specialists with rich experience in the field who can quickly and efficiently solve any problem. This way, you'll get support for purchasing the most up-to-date equipment, and you'll enjoy the security of the infrastructure and data that belongs to your company and collaborators.


First of all, UpTrust comes to help with a team of professionals with extensive experience with the IT infrastructure. We will handle all the necessary operations, from the installation and configuration of the equipment to the maintenance and monitoring actions. Moreover, you will save time and focus on the important things for your company.

  • Reduced Costs

    By outsourcing the IT Services to our company, you will spend up to 90% less than with your own IT department. This will allow you to redirect this money to activities and services that are relevant to your business.

  • Technical Support 24/7

    Regardless of the problems you face, our team is available at any time for your business to work at optimal parameters.

  • Quick Intervention

    In case of major force, our specialists will go to your company's headquarters to solve problems in the shortest possible time. (* Disclaimer: Fast intervention is available only to companies in Cluj-Napoca).

  • Data Security

    In any business, confidentiality and data security is a crucial factor for day-to-day business. Our experts will ensure that your information remains safe, even in the case of cyber attacks.

  • Backup and Virus Removal

    Compromising data can be extremely costly for any company. That is why we offer backup and data recovery services. Thus, in the event of any incident that may occur within the company, we will ensure the integrity of your data.

  • Increased Performance

    We want you to have more time and energy to handle the productivity and performance of your employees. That is why we take responsibility for dealing with any IT issue that may occur within the company.

  • Reliability and Scalability

    UpTrust specialists have extensive experience in creating secure and reliable IT infrastructures. At the same time, the modern equipment we use will allow you to increase the number of workstations and/or servers at minimal cost.

  • Cost Transparency

    UpTrust provides you with a concise and transparent charging schedule. This way you will know at any time how much you spent on managing and developing the IT system.

  • Reduced Interruptions

    We will monitor remotely all the network equipment. We run tests and periodic reports, reducing disruptions caused by technical problems.

  • Monthly Revision

    Every month you will receive a detailed report of the entire activity started by our employees.


  • Team Viewer - The most popular application for remote support will be used for infrastructure surveillance and regular interventions.

    Cisco - We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern technologies from Cisco, one of the world's leading industry leaders.

    HP - Routers, firewalls, servers and other essential equipments for the smooth operation of a modern IT infrastructure


  1. Preliminary meeting

    Once you contact us, we will set a preliminary meeting where we'll discuss the first details of the project.

  2. Analysis

    Once the details are established, we will begin an analysis to clarify your needs.

  3. Intermediate report

    Following the analysis, we will give you a report with our recommendations on the equipment you will need.

  1. The implementation

    At this stage, we will install all the equipment and set up the entire infrastructure. At the same time, we will fix the hardware and software issues, secure the network elements and install a powerful backup system.

*Companies with more than 15 workstations will receive a file that will illustrate the architecture of the infrastructure.

  1. Maintenance and technical assistance

    We will perform regular maintenance operations to identify and prevent potential problems. At the same time, you will receive technical assistance at any time with interventions at the company's headquarters in urgent cases.