Security Solutions

Fortinet – Industry Leader

We want our clients to benefit from comprehensive security solutions which is why we partnered with FortiNet, an industry leader. As such, we are able to put at your disposal high-quality security equipment that will protect your network on all fronts, as well as technical support whenever needed.

Our GDPR recommendation

The EU Regulation concerning general protection of personal data has become a high priority for IT Security directors around the world. This is a crucial time for companies to further invest in their security processes.

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Here are 6 solutions to improve your security.

Next-Generation Firewall

Enterprise Network leader Fortinet provides a comprehensive solution for threat protection and ROI maximization, called FortiGate – NGFW. Apart from security, this equipment also provides encrypted cloud access into all types of traffic.

End-point Protection

FortiClient allows your users to work efficiently anywhere and from any device without compromising your security. It also allows the company to react in real time to cyber-attacks, preventing and reducing such intrusions.

Email Security

Protect your network from spam, malware and other email-transmitted threats with FortiMail. Available as a physical device, as well as a virtual appliance and cloud based service, this solutions secures your messages and your inbound and outbound traffic.

Web Application Security

Web applications can transform in successful access ways for hackers and are vulnerable for various types of attacks. FortiWeb secures your networks against the most sophisticated attacks with vulnerability assessment, IP analysis, DDoS protection examining attacks signature and data loss prevention tools.

Centralized Logging and Reporting

FortiAnalyzer offers functionalities necessary to identify threat, at the same time providing the flexibility to develop with the organization network’s own rhythm.

Wireless Solutions with Secure Access

FortiNet Secure Access solutions provide centralized management and user authetification. By ensuring secure wireless access, companies reduce the risk of attacks and intrusions and increase data protection.


We offer integrated security solutions for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more