Behavioral Monitoring

Identify potential threats against your system through real-time monitoring

The majority of hackers have a unique behavior and their profiling can help analyze and predict their next move. With Uptrust’s behavioral monitoring solution you can oversee the users’ behavior and devices when they are in your network. Moreover, you can monitor any activity, software or hardware as they interact with your systems. As such, you can recognize, investigate and deactivate any security event before it can damage your systems – all in real-time.

Behavioral monitoring is one of the most productive methods to reduce security offence. Instead of trying to diminish the damages after an attack you monitor your network for abnormalities in the end-user behavior and their device. This offers the possibility to filter normal traffic and focus on suspect intrusions. With behavioral monitoring you can react to threats as they occur and not after your system is infected.

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Behavioral Monitoring in Business

Every company should consider behavioral monitoring as part of their security solutions toolbox. Combined with other services, such as vulnerability assessment, Uptrust can propose a personalized security solution for your business.

Let us demonstrate the importance of standard behavioral monitoring as part of a business’ best practices. Applying this will further secure your business and position it in order to prevent problems before they occur.


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