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Tanis Dent Project

Tanis Dent project The client TanisDent is a private dental practice founded and managed by Mr. Tanislav Nicolae, a maxillofacial and oral surgeon doctor . Dental office addresses the full range of medical services in the oral - maxillofacial sphere, starting from prevention and superficial repairs and ending with the most complex rehabilitation surgery or [...]

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Opera Plaza Project

Opera Plaza Project The client Opera Plaza is one of the most luxurious hotels in Cluj-Napoca , it is rated at 5 stars, and is also one of the hotels with a long tradition in the city. Annually, the hotel accommodates a large number of Romanian and international personalities, such as athletes, artists, politicians. The pleasant [...]

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CBC Living Project

CBC Living Project The client The building project CBC Living is part of the concept Cluj Business Center, being the residential component of the complex. The project can be very suggestively described by one word - innovation, being designed with a modern architectural vision, the goal is to create a superior comfort for its occupants. [...]

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Area Tecnica Project

Area Tecnica Project The client Gruppo Areatecnica is a group of 15 professionals who provide technical consulting services in real estate industry (building architecture, safety on construction sites, land register) and they have offices in different cities in Italy . Client's need and our solution The client needed a presentation website, which provides all the [...]

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Passamaneria Montebianco Project

Passamaneria Montebianco Project The client Montebianco Passamaner is a company that deals with textile processing. This is a family business with a long experience, being founded in 1973. The company uses high-quality materials and different designs to meet the most demanding customer requirements . Client's need and our solution Client's need was a website built in [...]

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