Area Tecnica Project

The client Gruppo Areatecnica is a group of 15 professionals who provide technical consulting services in real estate industry (building architecture, safety on construction sites, land register) and they have offices in different cities in Italy .

Client’s need and our solution The client needed a presentation website, which provides all the necessary information in a clear and concise way. It was important that the website to be adapted to all devices (PC, tablet and mobile phone), to be able to send newsletters to all registered users and to be optimized for search engines. We chose to use WordPress platform, giving to the client a structured website and the ability to add or delete images and text in a simple and fast way .

Results and benefits The benefits obtained by the client from doing the project : – Reduced time for implementation of the website – Reduced costs – Search Engine Optimization – Increasing the number of customers – Sending professional newsletters without additional costs

Project details

Platform:  WordPress CMS

Technologies:  PHP, CSS, JavaScript

Additional technologies:  Apache server, Linux

Website development SEO Responsive design

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