Project Description

Shape And Weight project

Web development, Branding, Web design, Graphic design



ShapeAndWeight wants to be a real help to people who wish to lose weight and/or to get into a better physical shape. The client wanted to develop a web application based on a diet that he had followed in the past, which gave him great results.

The application has 2 parts, the first part being the public presentation website where users can find important information about nutrition and how they can calculate the ideal weight and percentage of body fat, in order to see if and how much weight they should lose to be in optimal parameters. The second part is the application itself, which is acesible only to users who create an account and pay a monthly/quarterly subscription. The application provides the user with the right tools to monitor their diet, to check if they eat properly or not, to check their progress and evolution, the list of foods that can or can not be consumed during the diet, the rules to be followed for the best results. In addition, users also have access to a forum where they can exchange ideas and impressions, a page with physical exercises, a page with recipes and cooking suggestions.


The client needed a complex web application which later was meant to be transposed into mobile applications for Android and iOS. First of all, it needed a presentation website for the application, meant to be responsive on mobile devices and optimized for search engines, but especially to have a strong branding and an image that sells. Then, it was needed for the users to be able to create their own account and pay a monthly or quarterly subscription, subscription followed by recurring payments until the user canceled its account. Once a paid account has been created, the user receives an email link to activate his/her account and enter the personal information relevant to the food program that he/she is about to start. After passing this step, the user has all the tools he/she needs to successfully accomplish his/her goal: a profile page with personal information and evolution in the program, lists of food split into categories, daily monitoring of the food consumed and feedback received at the end of the day, a calendar with the history of the days since the program started, a graphic with the weight progress, a forum, exercises that can also be done at home, recipes, different ways to communicate with the support team behind the application.

Another component wanted by the client was an administration portal through which he could follow graphs and data about the users, make accounting and invoice exports, create or delete accounts, generate refund bills, add foods and categories of foods, communicate with users, or send them notifications.

Later, we had to develop the mobile apps for both operating systems: Android and iOS. It was also necessary for the application to be available in several languages, so it could have to be internationalized. And last but not least, the graphics had to be a very important pillar for both branding and UX (user experience) in the application.

Thus, as a technological stack we opted for the following: NodeJS as back-end technology, Nunjucks as templating engine for front-end, MongoDB for database, Nginx as web server.


The benefits obtained by the client after the project:

– a stable and secure web application;
– search engine optimization;
– impactful branding, web design and logo;
– scalable application based on generated traffic;
– easy way to manage the application, including financially-accounting;
– an internationalized application, available in several languages.


NodeJS, Nunjucks, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Nginx web server, Linux


Web development, SEO, Branding, Web design, Graphic design, Mobile apps